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Susan Allen says … of  the webmistress also of SeattleGirlMakesGood Weblog that it has been a hectic past week … As most know Linds my teenage daughter lost her dad Edwin Platt known as “Skip” to Family and Friends Drowned the 13th of March off the shore of Santa Barbara, a tradgedy though also a true gathering of Heart Felt Best Wishes.

So in the past week we attended the Funeral Friday the 11th and the Heart Felt Memorial Service on the 12th on the Beach in Santa Barbara. Thanks to Mary Ann Owner of the Fishing Vessel “Delilah“, who furnished the Shoreline Park reservation we had a memorable time. All of us including Linds, I Skips Mom Betty and 2 Sisters Nancy and Susan, plus my BFF Mashel her Husband Jeffrey and the Foreign Exchange Student they are hosting from Germany we were able to mingle and share stories to all of You. Thanks for Your Support and Best Wishes also to the Hash House Harriers of Santa Barbara  for the Memorial Page for “Skip” also known as “Scatman”.

We also would like to extend a Special Thank You to  “Skips” Girlfriend Shula hoping got the spelling right and her Friend who did Linds Makeup for your support. Also We know it’s also a hard time for you so hang in there … You will find Myself My Husband Jer are very supportive of Linds welfare and want only the best for you. It’s true, remember Linds does count you as a friend as well as all the Brazilian friends have introduced her to.

The Facts be told now we can all hopefully build the true bridge to help Linds succeed in life … there is in life sometimes an untold reason why events happen, so now let us all learn to heal and keep the positive thoughts going. Also may Linds find the path to know She now lives in Memory of her Dad, may she do the Positve in Life and things he is now not able to do … As We have said it is “Now We Live for the Living” but We do not forget those who passed … May Linds Live to make Her Dad Proud of her!

So just to let You know to the locals of Santa Barbara who I passed out our JerSooz Enterprises Business Cards hopefully you will take a serious look at all that we do now including just for you to share with others our new website so hopefully help those locally even family or friends visiting the Santa Barbara area our new link we call helping the Community Santa Barbara Millionaire. Hopefully in the future being Linds Dad “Skip” loved the area and all of you maybe someday Linds will join us in Showing Everything Santa Barbara her way yes maybe even a Santa Barbara Millionaire herself in the future watch out Oprah watch out Ellen Linds may be hot on your tail!

We also would like to say Thanks to You All who have contributed to Lindsey Platt Trust Fund with Bank of America that we told you to use the account number  898019721168. Let’s just say it will grow as she gets older though hey we feel for those with an Online Internet Presence or an Online Internet Business there are things that make this life a Win Win Situation and if we try and apply these principles only good can come of them … Let’s say with a Right Mind Set and with promotion Grow Exponentially to a Positive Outcome.

Linds can Learn to Truly Believe! Her Dads Passing Opens New Doors

So Leading off into a Positive we as have told Linds don’t count on a Trust Fund to make your future instead Set Out to Make Your Own Future and what better way then to give a Special Back Door Link to Save Money to those with an Online Business or even those that want to really Dazzle People if they say write blogs or do Charity Events this Tool is one of the Easiest Tools to do some truly amazing things on the Internet if trying to write articles or make money. This money we make will go to the Lindsey Platt Trust Fund plus, as will find Strangers come to Your Front Door whereas Family and Friends are Welcome to the Back Door plus this Link if Follow, Gives to a Great Girl and Saves You Money too!

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As We have said All Monies will Go to Linds

There is Power with what I and Jer do also we are Helping Linds to See Positive

So anyway  with the Passing of Linds Dad the reality does strike you  the things have overlooked the missed opportunities the things taken for granted even now including his memories in the future

How you ask do you accomplish all of these? well to us it is trying to keep moving forward laying out a positive foundation for Linds even building the building blocks or shoes she can willingly someday step into … So We got Busy ! and decided to also share with you  … Advertising Power Tips … Yeah called Hey Helping Others we Build not only Our Future we Help Build Linds and maybe others who Join in Can share with this Blog their Idea’s for Success … So Please Check out the Next as We say This Section as Seen on Susan Allen helping Ladies Live the Work At Home Dream Making Money on the Internet also brought to you by JerSooz Enterprises

Thanks Everybody for being so Supportive to Linds and I  We Love Ya Susan Allen “Sooz” and Lindsey Platt “Linds”


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 P.S. Hoping We can All Build a Future Together and someday All Live the Dreams We Want “Sooz”

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