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If You See The Flowers When You Click The Pic You're In The Right Place

If You See The Flowers When You Click The Pic You're In The Right Place

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As the weather becomes cooler and skies remain gray more of the time we tend to think of warm and fuzzy places to go relax and enjoy. Whether it is drinking warm crevassier next to the fireplace at a Jazz Club or sipping a hot cappuccino eating a mouth watering dessert, listening to Jazz In The Background (or the foreground for that matter) just plain makes us have fun and feel good!

Seattle and the surrounding areas has one of the greatest Jazz scene’s in the country, well, at least in the NorthWest!

There’s the Bellevue Jazz Festival, Seattle Center, Gig Harbor and now, coming up there’s the EarShot Jazz Festival with the likes of such greats as:
Wayne Horvitz
Jerry Gonzalez & Fort Apache Band
Charlie Haden w/ Carla Bley

Starting next month It runs from October 18th through November 9th and promises a very good time for Jazz fans. Go ahead and take a look by visiting the below URL. (don’t worry, this page will remain open)

There are far too many to mention here but another great that comes to mind is The Seattle Reperatory Jazz Orchestra’s SRJO’s Fourteenth Anniversary Season 2008-2009 in the works and not to be missed. Find out more by going to

If you play music or just want to get involved in the local Jazz Scene you might want to check up on the Puget Sound Traditional Jazz Society. This society began back in 1975 so they know what they are doing! Their meetings are said to have, “fifteen minutes of business with five hours of music”. Sounds like a good time, don’t you think? By the way, families are welcomed to partake in the meetings and in most instances children are permitted as well.

The purpose of this society and the meetings and even the magazine, JAZZ SOUNDINGS – a monthly magazine is sharing – if you play or listen to traditional jazz and just can’t keep your foot from twitching – consider yourself welcome.

Don’t forget to check out the Puget Sound Traditional Jazz Society‘s website found at


Down the coast a ways there’s the Cool Jazz Society out of Olympia Washington. Why not take a visit? It’s only a mere 60 mile drive! Here’s the link to the Cool Jazz Society Blog, if you’re interested


Being a jazz fan SeattleGirlMakesGood put together a website just for Jazz Fans which, if you want to read 10 pages of Jazz Articles, is a good place to visit. Click on the picture above or the link below and take an adventure…into JAZZ.


The mission here is to HAVE FUN and browse around the web Jazz Scene a while. Hope you like it!!



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