Edwin Platt Missing At Sea, Trust Fund Set Up For Daughter, Lindsey Platt

Lindsey & Skip Platt during last visit along the Mighty Kern River 

March 16th

Two days ago my daughters Dad’s fiancee called our home around 6:45 PM and said she has just made a 911 call to report My daughters Dad, Edwub G Platt (AKA “Skip”) had vanished from her sight.

His boat had freed ittself from the mooring and was drifting down the coastline. Somewhere around Padero Lane, (a special place to me when I lived near there)…he got out of the car stripped down to his skivvies and went swimming after his boat.

Update Article & Video on Edwin (Skip) Platt’s Vanishing

Video From Saturday March 15th Can Be Found At The Following URL


March 19th UPDATE– Excellent Article from The Santa Barbara Daily Sound

Can Be Found at the following URL


Thank you so much everyone for the outpouring of stories support understanding and prayers. It means a lot to us all. When others show compassion, especially to a stranger as many of you have done here it helps give us hope that we can continue on and…live for the living after the shock of all this has subsided. Thank-you. Thank you so very much.

The SB County and Carpinteria CA Special Ops have been continuing their search weather permitting on a daily basis.

Also the many boat owners and captains of fishig boats are going every day to perform their independent searches. Some are equipped with undersea divers, special camera and fish finder equiptment which is state of the art.

A trust fund is being set up by The senior members of Skip’s family on the easat coast and me (Sooz).

For us this is particularly difficult because the family on the east coast in Connecticut and in Florida are somewhat stumped at what to do next and when…since there is no body.

The Platt family has a special graveyard section to ittself in Milford Connecticut, going back over 5 generations to the landing of the Mayflower which ultimately is where Skip wished to go. When all is revealed this will be his final resting place.

Around here we are pretty rattled and grief stricken beyond words at present.

Thank you so much for your prayers and God Bless!

The Sassy Traveller, his baby was found in matchstick-sized pieces down the beach a ways and sadly he never resurfaced.

Not only his family in Connecticut, and Florida but we here in Bakersfield are devastated.

His friends, other fishhing boat owners and fishing buddies are performing their own searches, independent of search and rescue of Santa Barbara county, and are offering lots of support.

His sunny disposition, Hollywood smile and willingness to help anyone at any time is already vastly missed. The search will continue, but chances that he did not make it are pretty strong.

March 20th Trust Fund For Lindsey Platt Set Up

THANK YOU For All Your Kind Words Of Support

It has been 6 days since Edwin Platt (“Skip”) slipped away into the sea. There has still been no sighting of him, or sign that he is alive.

His clothing of course was recovered from the beach, and the boat, The Sassy Traveller has also been recovered on a beach several hundred yards towards Carpinteria.

Donate Through Bank of America. Every little bit HELPS Lindsey 

Along with the help of Skip’s Mother, Betty Platt, who we refer to as “Grammy” we have set up a truust fund for Lindsey. Please donate! Even if it is a few dollars. Every little bit will help and college needs to be paid for among other necessities.

It is simple to do. You can go online by typing in BofA and hitting Ctrl and Enter. There, if have a BofA account you will be able to Transfer to Lindsey Platt Trust Fund, Account # 898019721168  If you’d prefer, simply go to Bank of America and make sure you mention her name and the account number listed above.

We still hold out hope that somehow miraculously he will be found alive but as time goes by the chances become more slim.


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