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It has been a busy few months here and we’re proud to say Jer & I have got a ton of exciting stuff to share…with the world.

After soul searching for our passions … things we’d like to concentrate more in life we found a few new niche’s.

If you have a few minutes please take a look at some of the websites we have been working on. Keeping in mind you too can use your passions to have fun (and, maybe make some extra ca$h online).

Harley Davidson– Check out Harley Harley Parts Harley, Harley Harley Parts Harley Motorcycles Blog

Harley Sisterhood– Take a look at Harley Sisterhood, Harley Sisterhood Blog Internet Business & Motivation

SeattleGirlMakesGood Sister Blog– Seattle Washington & Internet Business (not new to us at all!)

While surfing the net and going through a ton of Internet Marketing email and promotions we came across an incredible tool, designed by Alvin Phang. Let me talk about it for a few minutes because it is an amazing tool.

Atomic Blogging(-;

If you have not started blogging, now is the time to get started. Already thousands of people around the world are now adapting to blogging as a platform to run their business online.

Since we started with our online ventures back in 2001 a lot has changed online. Changed for the better, I might add! Blogging is probably the best improvement when it comes to getting the word out and sharing information on the internet.

If you want to know who we think is the Blogging guru we’ll have to say it has to be Alvin Phang. We got to know Alvin from his famous Atomic Blogging 3.0 System. If you do not know Alvin, you should at least check out his most recent famous blogging system, Atomic Blogging where you can learn a bit more about him and see some of how he earns his living online (from just blogging online actively)!

The system set up video, ad management, and basically every part of Atomic Blogging is incredibly easy to get this system up and running. Trust me if I can do this so can you! I think you are going to like this! If you have not ever tried blogging or done these things because you thought it was too complicated let Alvin lead you through it with this program.

Oh, thanks for reading and THANK-YOU for leaving a comment. Please, let me know what you think of this new layout and it’s readability. I appreciate your feedback!

SeattleGirlMakesgood, Susan Allen


Mom Of 4 Makes $5 G’s A Week With Blogging

Start Your Own Blogging Empire Now
Start Your Own Blogging Empire Now

I was taken by this woman, Amy Bass’s story! She is a Mom of four and has no college degree. She says she has no special skills and was only trying to help her (ahem, clearing my throat) 50 year old computer illerate Mom figure out how to make money on the internet.

Now, I am still trying to help my somewhat computer illerate Mom use the computer. But you know,…she is really only interested in reading and sending email, viewing and attaching pictures and she would like to some day buy airline tickets online…that sort of thing.

But after contemplating the idea, the reason this Amy Bass impressed me so much was she is any Mom in the USA. She is anyone who wants to earn money from home or with the things they love doing or occupying their time with. She could be me.  She could easily be you too!

Then as I read through her Blog, I began to realize that she is talking to a pretty big audience…people just like her!

I realized:

At 50 we ALL want to retire and make our own money, be our own boss, not have to answer to anybody. I think we all probably would, if we knew we could replace our working hard every day for someone else income with blogging. Don’t cha think? I certainly would, in a heartbeat my friends. My best guess is, you most likely would too if you knew for certain it would not jeopardize your lifestyle. No?

Anyway, as I read through her instructions I noticed she was explaining every move in a clear, understandable way. I am known for getting stuck on some technical thing (ID, Password, domain name,domain registration) and find myself alone, upset, frustrated and flat out disgusted…giving up because failure IS upsetting. Getting tech help has, for me, generally speaking turned into the worst of all possible night mares.

OK, still reading this? Here comes the best part of all…I honestly believe that Amy Bass, and her Make Money On The Internet Program won’t allow you to get stuck, lost, or looking at failure. See, she leaves no stone unturned, like so many of the other online business opportunities I have attempted. Also, she gives you the methods which work for her to re-invent yourself, have fun and blog, and make money … all at the same time.

Her catch phrase is : You’Already Do It All Why Not Get Paid To Blog About It

Whether it be ceramics, collecting china, doll items, garage sales, parenting, yoga … whatever it is you love my question is what is holding you back? Trust me, this will be painless with Amy Bass’ help.

I encourage you to give yourself, and your future happiness (and perhaps wealth) a chance. Give Amy Bass’s TheNicheBlogger make money at home, work online, online business blogging a chance. What have you got to lose?!?!

Thanks for reading this today. If you check out the link and see what I am saying comment here. I’d love to read your thoughts.

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