What, The New Year, Already?

In disbelief we’d already come to New Year’s Eve I set my alarm for 11:55 PM, so, in case I fell asleep I could watch the ball drop on time. The fact that so much happened in the past year I wouldn’t know where to begin, except to say the following:

Unless I have an extremely vivid sense of age versus how fast one year of life seems to be passing, this year has proven to flash by 365/58 days faster than last year. One year or, one 58th of my life is now over and well, the obvious, if I am granted another year it’s going to seem like a short 1/59th of time spent here on the planet earth.

Here’s a link to my year in pictures

Overall it was a pretty good year for me until the elections. At that time I began to feel threatened. All the progress we, as a society had made in the past 8 years gave me a solid sense of hope for the human race as one race, one people, as human beings, united across our manageable differences and willing to negotiate fairly and treat one another with the respect we desire to be treated with. I suppose things had gotten so good for so many with a lot of selfless acts going on it shocked me that a great number of my fellow Bakersfield friends and associates were (almost suddenly) pretty unhappy with, well, just about everything. This seemed to ring true with several people I know that live in my parents’ town, which is rural W NW Washington State. Many of them began talking about their discontent with all sorts of things that, in honesty, might not have been that urgent before the time when they decided to cast their vote for Mr Trump.

I decided if I am to stay in this country, in the name of humanity, I will no longer be complacent when it comes to progress backsliding, when it comes to promoting positive well being. This means I must step out of my comfort zone, work against lawmakers who intend harm against the human race and our precious earth. As has happened over and over in the civil rights movements we must again be vocal and stand in solidarity with those who, as I do, believe that equality, our rights, healthcare, medicare, and social security shall not be tampered with. This, of course is the tip of a very big iceberg (possibly as big as Mr Trump’s ego), but I have narrowed it down to a few issues staring down US Citizens with an incoming P.O.T.U.S..

I realize that there are legal methods to do this and it could take some time, but I won’t lose hope. We learn from our mistakes. We can forgive our fellow human beings when they have turned against us and brought us to our knees because, well, that’s their lesson to learn. By that time they, hopefully will clearly see they have made a miscalculation, a mistake, a big oops, or whatever, and we can roll up our sleeves together to keep our hopes and dreams for our planet and future generations.

Happy New Year! Let’s make 2017 a good one.




Three Years Ago…

This I write in memory of my husband, “Jer”.

I love this video short because it reminds me that, in death the soul is freed and often it IS better that way, considering the struggles those that have passed suffered in getting there.Tomorrow it will have been three years since my husband passed. I miss him still. I am reminded of all the good times…as there were many. My mind has opened up a lot since then and my perspective on the value of time has changed. I cherish every minute, even if I’m having a pretty difficult day. It’s exhilarating to get the natural high of working out, or sharing an activity that helps other people feel good about themselves too,  even if it’s just for an hour of a day. Why? I do this because I have this day, at least so far, to live. I am thankful for that!

Often I think of how, back then when he was alive how there was so much, aah, seemingly wasted time focusing on the small stuff, the petty stuff that really did not matter at all. That, of course is one of my learning curve regrets.

Recurring thought as time moves forward on this helps me to realize that while in the “best of times” there still, in retrospect can be far too much time or energy spent on negative thoughts, disagreements, or things that were not meant to be changed. I believe it to be true that, the more we focus on something the more we lean in towards it and in doing this, can transform it to become our reality.

The learning of this sort of wisdom seems to only happen by living and doing, and not by listening or studying. While we believe we are learning it as we listen or study I honestly must admit that unless I had lived it I thought this was something other people did.

I have learned too that in starting over a lot of letting go must happen to proceed forward in a healthy, optimistic and hopeful fashion. “Progress” is a big word. For me the giving away of a lot of material possessions, downsizing to a home with less square footage on a smaller lot, …and a smaller more compact car have helped tremendously.

Another thing that has helped me is to continually make new goals and when I complete or accomplish one reward myself by making 2 new goals in it’s place. Even though opening myself up to new projects and activities has evolved slower than I would have projected, the truth is that I really am in no hurry.

Still, tomorrow, September 11th, cancer stole my husband, my love, my partner, and for that I grieve. We had done all the treatment possible and even some that were none FDA approved and quite debilitating. Some of them gave us false hope providing a momentary reprieve, then an onslaught of brain cancer exploding in the brain requiring laser brain tumor removal (radial-cranial surgery). All of this cost a lot more money than our insurance, or we, had, by the way, which after it was all said and done became a major stumbling block in moving on in life (for me).

The brutal reality is cancer, like so many other forms of disease does not pick and choose or discriminate. It steals the young and old and everyone in between. One can be a model of health and fitness and become cancer’s next victim. Their families suffer right along with them and afterwards are left to put back the pieces of our lives. It is no easy task when going about the steps to become whole again but I believe it is doable. Support groups, pets, travel, family, exercise, going out for coffee, telephone conversations, and walks with friends are all things that help.

Thanks for reading this and watching the little video!

Thanksgiving Weather Outside Was Frightful

This year snow came early to the Pacific Northwest. By the time we got to the San Francisco airport we discovered there had been 10 inches of snow where my parents live. ‘Grandpa’ drove out of the driveway to hit his regular coffee stand close to their house and slid off the road into the ditch.

After being towed from the ditch he returned to the house somewhat shaken. Under the fresh layer of snow lurked black ice. He informed me he would not be able to make it the 90 miles to the airport to take us home. Interstate 5 was littered with cars from the night before snowstorm, and the Highway 99 was closed.

That left us only one reasonable option to get to the Olympic Penninsula- renting a car with snow tires. Thanks to Alamo car rentals, located at the airport we were on our way within the hour. We got a Dodge Avenger, a mid-sized car, drove up an icy Interstate 5 to the Edmunds Kingston Ferry where it was literally a drive through.

The winding turning tree lined road turned out to be an adventure ittself with spots of black ice and hard packed snow. Taking our time we arrived 5 hours later.

Next day we tried to build a snow-friend in the front yard but it was so cold the snow would not cooperate. We ended up with something resembling a pyramid insstead. This is the first time I have seen snow this dry there but by the time I was done the porches were cleared and we shoveled paths to the garage, around the house and to get to the car. Beyond that at 26 degrees outdoor activities were out of the question.

Thanksgiving this year we tried something new. A feast was held at Fort Warden commons along the waterfront where the cover charge benefitted the local Childrens Learning Center, a program much needed in this isolated area. The fare included the usual turkey, ham mashed potatoes sweet potato dishes, a diabetic fare and vegetarian dishes as well.

Many of the usual family members were missing but between the 6 of us we enjoyed a memorable time.

On the way home we visited a long time friend of Lindsey’s with her new baby in Gig Harbor. They were in the process of setting up a winter wonderland in thier front yard including musical christmas trees, a snowing ball with santa inside, reighndeer alongside the house with a candycane walkway.

I took a few awesome pictures of Mount Rainier above the clouds from the plane on the flight back home through Los Angeles.

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