What, The New Year, Already?

In disbelief we’d already come to New Year’s Eve I set my alarm for 11:55 PM, so, in case I fell asleep I could watch the ball drop on time. The fact that so much happened in the past year I wouldn’t know where to begin, except to say the following:

Unless I have an extremely vivid sense of age versus how fast one year of life seems to be passing, this year has proven to flash by 365/58 days faster than last year. One year or, one 58th of my life is now over and well, the obvious, if I am granted another year it’s going to seem like a short 1/59th of time spent here on the planet earth.

Here’s a link to my year in pictures

Overall it was a pretty good year for me until the elections. At that time I began to feel threatened. All the progress we, as a society had made in the past 8 years gave me a solid sense of hope for the human race as one race, one people, as human beings, united across our manageable differences and willing to negotiate fairly and treat one another with the respect we desire to be treated with. I suppose things had gotten so good for so many with a lot of selfless acts going on it shocked me that a great number of my fellow Bakersfield friends and associates were (almost suddenly) pretty unhappy with, well, just about everything. This seemed to ring true with several people I know that live in my parents’ town, which is rural W NW Washington State. Many of them began talking about their discontent with all sorts of things that, in honesty, might not have been that urgent before the time when they decided to cast their vote for Mr Trump.

I decided if I am to stay in this country, in the name of humanity, I will no longer be complacent when it comes to progress backsliding, when it comes to promoting positive well being. This means I must step out of my comfort zone, work against lawmakers who intend harm against the human race and our precious earth. As has happened over and over in the civil rights movements we must again be vocal and stand in solidarity with those who, as I do, believe that equality, our rights, healthcare, medicare, and social security shall not be tampered with. This, of course is the tip of a very big iceberg (possibly as big as Mr Trump’s ego), but I have narrowed it down to a few issues staring down US Citizens with an incoming P.O.T.U.S..

I realize that there are legal methods to do this and it could take some time, but I won’t lose hope. We learn from our mistakes. We can forgive our fellow human beings when they have turned against us and brought us to our knees because, well, that’s their lesson to learn. By that time they, hopefully will clearly see they have made a miscalculation, a mistake, a big oops, or whatever, and we can roll up our sleeves together to keep our hopes and dreams for our planet and future generations.

Happy New Year! Let’s make 2017 a good one.



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