What A Difference A Day Can Make


Linds & I On The “Stairs”

On this day, 21 years ago I got the most valuable gift of my life~ my daughter was born. In retrospect, at 34 I actually thought my life was pretty much complete. Contrarily, I had no idea the extent of how empty my life truly was. I had no clue of the many joys of having a child that would last over, hopefully, my entire life.

The story is she was to arrive on my birthday, two days earlier. Her Dad & I rushed to the hospital and everything was going as planned, on schedule. At a certain point the Dr offered I might benefit from an epidural, or spinal block to make the process less painful. By that time thoughts of natural childbirth had gone out the window, I accepted.

The contractions stopped and we went home and waited. Two days later at 7 pounds and 11 ounces it was Lindsey’s debut. Even though we didn’t get to share the same birthday this day (today, my daughter’s birthday) is more special than any day including my own birthday.

If not for our choice to have this precious child I sincerely wonder where I would be today. She is the light of my life and today I am full of joy for the quality individual she has become. Happy Birthday and I love you Lindsey!

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