H1N1 Flu Updates, World Outbreak Map & Videos

H1N1 Pandemic Flu Updates And Videos

Click Here to Visit The Website

Click Here to Visit The Website

It’s flu season and everyone’s getting worried because there’s a deadly flu bug going around and the kids are going back to school. Yikes!

If you are concerned about how to protect yourself from becoming infected, want to see the world, and local outbreak maps and find out more about the spread of H1N1 visit one of the most comprehensive informational websites to be found


You will find an easy to use flu outbreak map which will take you right to your town, family members towns and possibly the cities to which you might be traveling.

You will also be able to watch all sorts of H1N1 related videos or search for the ones that interest you.

It’s an all around great website designed for us who are trying to stay informed about the “swine flu”.
Even though, as one of the videos (a cartoon) on the site sings, it’s not caused by pigs and maybe possibly a result of a laboratory error or oversight. Oops!

If you like, feel free to leave a comment after this post on your thoughts on this website. Feel free to share it by using your favorite social networking site. You never know, this might just help to slow the H1N1 outbreak!!

Have a wonderful day, and week!!



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