June Is Wedding Month!

Bridal Videos For All Your Wedding Needs

Bridal Videos For All Your Wedding Needs

Not only is June the official Beginning of summer (On Father’s Day, June 21st) but in the United States June is traditionally Wedding Month. What a positive and exciting time of year! With all of the wedding excitement happening around many young and older couples alike start considering marriage in June.

Personally weddings are by far my favorite kind of a ‘party’ to attend. It’s not just an excuse to meet the families of the son, daughter or family member it is a time to share hopes for the future. Who doesn’t enjoy going to a wedding?! (and don’t even mention the movie, Wedding Crashers…we know they love a good wedding!)

Even though a marriage is between two people the bride’s family traditionally pays for and does most of the planning for a wedding. The bridal party decides much of the event, including everything from the reception, location of the marriage service and it can become as involved as she might wish.

Think about it right now, how many people do you know are getting married this month? A cousin, niece…a friend from the office. If you’re in your 20’s there are probably a number of people in your circle of friends and acquaintances who are planning a wedding.

Why am I talking about this? Jer’s niece is getting married, so, just for fun (and to seem more knowledgable about bridal stuff, of course) I thought I would do a little surfing around for Bridal planning, bridal advice and wedding information.

Hoping it can be of help to a future bride, bridesmaid, parent of the bride or parent of the groom…or part of the wedding party I found an awesome website called BridalVideos.us

Check it out! Along the left side is a list of searches to get you started. If you don’t see the term you are looking for go to the Bridal Videos Search Page, search this site. On BridalVideos.us you’ll find everything from Bridal Cake Decorating to Bridal YouTube.

And there’s more on Bridal Themes, Bridal Questions at the BridalVideos.us WordPress Blog! Visit this site to answer questions about bridal themes, bridal locations…guest parties and way way more.

Mainly, I leave you today with a renewed interest in bridal planning, and bridal planners for all the hard work that they do.

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