Harley Lovers Help Support Harley

HarleySister Susan Allen Bakersfield Thunder Run 2008

For the Ladies who follow me SeattleGirlMakesGood.com and Love Harley go to my Harley Sisterhood site http://Harley-Sisterhood.com I am Twitter HarleySister or go now and check http://harley-sisterhood.com/followme for You Manly Men My Husband Jer Twitter HarleyBrother has which is both ours http://harley-harleyparts-harleymotorcycles.com/followme you can see how Our New http://HarleyTwitter.com will take Harley to a New Level

These Levels being YouTube.com HarleyTwitter.com also start the Foremost Harley Twitter Communities using what we’ve been talking about EVP or Easy Video Producer our link for that is http://seattlegirlmakesgood.com/easyvideoproducer

All you others who are maybe not into Harley can see the New Wave Creating just reading the Details how to combine all the Technologies together … We have put together a Great Way to Help any Harley Brother Harley Sister and those doing Toy Runs Poker Runs Club Events Harley Charity or Food Shelter Runs We truly want to Help the Harley Brotherhood and Harley Sisterhood to Get their Messages out

Hey if wanting to do merely Video Invitations for about any occasion or make a List of People who are Family Friends Customers even … Check this all out for Free

The Reason doing this in the Hard Economic Times going through or being told we are … We felt We should get out the Word for Harley American Pride and try to keep the American Legend from going down We are not Affiliated with Harley Davidson nor imply we are

Though through Our Message maybe get more people out to the Dealers or Harley Shops so Harley Davidson is there for your next or even 1st Harley Motorcycle

Thanks Sooz the SeattleGirlMakesGood
Husband “Jer”
JerSooz Enterprises Bakersfield,Ca 93389
Skype Member jersooz.enterprises Skype Phone 661-878-7760

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