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Life Is Good For Business With eProducts Memberships

Having Fun With Hollywood Sign Maker Hollywood Sign Maker

Greetings from soggy Bakersfield California where it has rained more here in the past few months than…well, as long as we’ve lived here.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the rain and Lord knows we need it, but the gray skies could easily be dampening my spirits if I didn’t have this exciting eBiz news to keep my mind from it. “You’re not in Seattle any more Dorothy, so chin up!” LOL

As you might have noticed I built a rainy day sign…just for days like today. I admit, I’ve  been fooling around with fun stuff and decided to make a little HollyWood Sign to remind me that Life IS Good. (you can go out and make some of these for yourself and friends by visiting

Lately we’ve gotten more blog questions asking about cheap ways to learn Internet Business, low cost eBiz start up and what are the most cost effective ways to get into an internet business. Since these are the most asked I am going to offer 2 incredible PLR (Private Label Rights) eProduct Membership Site solutions.

One crucial reason you’ll best benefit from these is only you know what interests you the most and you’ll be able to pick and choose which eBooks, eGuides, eReports and software will work the best for you.

When you think about it why buy one book, another there when you can access an entire vault of them for probably less that the original one you were looking for?

After checking out both of these membership sites you will probably agree that there are more bonuses with eProducts membership sites than meet the eye, and that can make all the difference over time. See, once a member of these sites you can not only educate yourself at your own speed and learn from the vast array of informational products in the product bases, but you will be able to resell many of the ones that you find most valuable to you for profit.

In both membership sites I am showing you today you will notice that you are offered what is called MRR, or Master Resell Rights, which allows you to resell the product in most cases as your own for whatever price you so desire. In most cases you will receive, as part of the actual e Book, e Guide or software a Sales page, and a Thank-you page to help you in the process.

Our long standing membership in JayKay Bak’s Unselfish Marketers has allowed us to access all of his products over the years and even make a tidy sum with special offers over the years. What makes this membership site different and unique is if there is something which you want, and we (the Unselfish Marketers) do not have it, as a member of Unselfish Marketers you can request JayKay go out and get it for you. Now granted, he may have to charge $1, $2 or $5 for it, it may not come with MRR, but in many cases he will go out and get it for us.

Imagine looking for a specific e Book. We find it and it is say, $50. Well, we can not afford to go spending that kind of money every time we want a specific e Book to educate ourselves. So, what do we do? Go visit JayKay in Unselfish Marketers and see if he’s got it. If he doesn’t, just ask…he can probably get it for you.

Entrance into the Vault of products is what you will be paying for and trust me, trust us, there are more amazing products and software to learn about e Business, or anything really…than you will ever use. You are paying for access to one of the largest e Product bases Jer & I have seen yet online.

New to the game, Resell Rights Wholesaler

As an active or aspiring Internet marketer, it’s likely you regularly purchase Internet marketing products, either
for your own use, to resell, or both.  What we’d like to know is how much would you honestly say you spend on those products each month?  $50? $100? Or is it more?

Well, We have some good news for you … now you can join a less expensive membership site to get all of the eProducts you are looking for. Newcomer, Mike Mazzella just launched his new site, Resell Rights Wholesaler

When you become a member of Resell Rights Wholesaler, the steady flow of member downloads will keep you busy with all the products you can use every month. Your savings could be tremendous, not to mention the profit potential in having so many products available to you.

Mike promises that you can expect that between 25 and 30 of what he deems as ‘the best, new Internet Market products’ being  added to our members download area every month.
Honestly, you have nothing to lose by going and checking this, and the other membership sites. As a matter of fact after thinking about it over the years, if you plan to stay interested in online marketing, work at home or internet business either or both of these membership sites will benefit you.

What are you waiting for? Join in the fun! Check out all the products you are missing out on by going to the above two Membership Websites…you’ll be glad you did this.

Thanks for reading this today!

Feel free to Comment.

To Your Success
SeattleGirlMakesGood, Susan Allen,

Jer & Sooz, (JerSooz) JerSooz Enterprises Bakersfield California

P.S. This last one ResaleRightsWholesale is an introductory price so don’t hesitate because the price will
be rising soon.

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Amazing Video Tutorials Mega Package

370+ Videos – Only 10 Bucks + 100% Comm.issions

Hello again from S.G.M.G.,

This guy is nuts! He should be locked in a
mental institution and throw away the key…
His name is Paul Mihai Pavel…

call 911!

Just take a look at what you’ll get in his amazing videos package!
You will not believe it:

Pay Per Click Powerhouse – 25 videos – MRR
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How To Research A Product Videos – 9 Videos – MRR
Article Marketing Explosion – 24 Videos – MRR
Traffic Generation Explosion – 52 Videos – MRR
SEO For WordPress Secrets – 21 Videos – MRR
Your Video Course – 10 Videos – MRR
Web Traffic Secrets Videos – 16 Videos – MRR
Wordpress Unleashed Videos – 13 Videos – MRR
How To Stream Live Video Online – 8 Videos – MRR
Taking Advantage Of Parasite Hosting – 13 Videos – MRR
Video Marketing Secrets Exposed – 14 Videos – MRR
Yahoo Answers Secrets – 12 Videos – MRR
Newbie’s Guide To Making Money
Online With Affiliate Marketing – 11 Videos – MRR
7 Hot Video Ebooks – 98 Videos – MRR

There are over 370 videos in this mega package!
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Website Creation In A Matter Of Minutes

I’d like to introduce what has been called the World’s FASTEST and EASIEST Custom Website Builder. It is the NEW 90 Second Website Builder and honestly I had to SEE it to BELIEVE it.

Now You can Create a Build a Complete, Custom Website with POINT-AND -CLICK Ease in a Matter of Minutes.

If you can DRAG-and- DROP , you can create a professional site almost instantly with the NEW 90 Second Website Builder Software.

So far everyone who has purchased it is so pleased with it they have written us back with their thanks and approval.

But don’t take my word for it,

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Not Ready To ‘Go Back To Work’?

Make 2009 the year you earned piles of ca$h!

But don’t know what to do to get started?  There’s one Thing You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Improve Your Business. Read this.

Face it, if you’ve started an online business, you are not ready to throw in the towel and go back to the daily grind. But the big question is what can you do RIGHT NOW that will start bringing in some money?

Friend, help is on the way! We have solutions. Take a look at the DimeSale we have going on right now, and see if K.A. McCall’s Hot New Business on how exactly to gain financial freedom interests you.

The mission here is to show you how to plan and build your business so it makes you money, and you won’t feel as if you need to return to the Daily Grind.

Go now to: Our First Of The Year DimeSale

When you click on the above link you will see the blazing orange eBook, K.A. McCall’s Hot New Business … but that’s not all!
Keep scrolling down the page and see that there is a ton of other stuff to get your eBiz on track starting right now.

Take your time while considering what you did last year that actually made you money and hopefully you will see what our dime sale can do for you …
it is TIME to make our online work PAY because face it,
we DON’T want to go back to work.

Happy New Year 2009!
Let’s make this the best year EVER!

Susan Allen, SeattleGirlMakesGood,

Jer & Sooz
PO Box 9634
Bakersfield CA

SKYPE # 661-878-7760

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