The Ghost of Thomas Paine and the Second Revolution

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JerSooz says … with the Elections of 2008 just around the corner maybe it is time to take a moment of reflection and also to Open our Eyes to what our great United States of America was founded on “Strength in Unity” also the True American Value “United We Stand Divided We Fall”

May it also be noted the following YouTube Video actually is the values our Fore Fathers established when setting up the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights this is a Eye Opening Declaration to not stand passively back and have Government Control or take away your rights


May we also bring to your attention this is not a Call to Prejudice Hate or even Jealousy these are the True Core Values for us to become once again the Great Nation our Fore Fathers wanted us to be we must as a United People within the United States of America act Pro-Actively to maintain the true Constitutional Rights and Ideas the United States was founded on 232 Years ago

When everybody’s eyes are opened the people who want to be called American Citizens will agree as our Fore Fathers the Unity truely does lie in 1 Common Language 1 Common Belief 1 Nation that stands in Unity as a People called Americans then the barriers to Hate Prejudice Jealousy will drop and the United States can once again become the Great Nation we truly were originally formed as …

Simply stated Our Fore Fathers truly did know what the American People Needed and truely open your eyes then will truely see the simplicity … Otherwise known as if You Believe in America then Do Not Change the Original Concept to try and fit your own agenda … Take a Close Look at the Political Agenda of both Parties before truly deciding on How to Vote … How does it fit as they say Our True Constitution

Do Not Vote Merely for Who You think is the Most Popular or to set a Historical Mandate instead Vote as How Can We Make Our Nation Stronger and especially as the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights was intended … We The People for the People … Not the “We Will Let Government Decide for Us”

The Ghost of Thomas Paine and the Second Revolution 


Please this Election Vote Smartly and Educated with the Right Attitude


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PS also remember We Do Not Promote Hate Prejudice Jealousy we ask only that We as a People of the United States stand United and pass this message to others as was passed to us by people who also want a Free United States

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Mom Of 4 Makes $5 G’s A Week With Blogging

Start Your Own Blogging Empire Now
Start Your Own Blogging Empire Now

I was taken by this woman, Amy Bass’s story! She is a Mom of four and has no college degree. She says she has no special skills and was only trying to help her (ahem, clearing my throat) 50 year old computer illerate Mom figure out how to make money on the internet.

Now, I am still trying to help my somewhat computer illerate Mom use the computer. But you know,…she is really only interested in reading and sending email, viewing and attaching pictures and she would like to some day buy airline tickets online…that sort of thing.

But after contemplating the idea, the reason this Amy Bass impressed me so much was she is any Mom in the USA. She is anyone who wants to earn money from home or with the things they love doing or occupying their time with. She could be me.  She could easily be you too!

Then as I read through her Blog, I began to realize that she is talking to a pretty big audience…people just like her!

I realized:

At 50 we ALL want to retire and make our own money, be our own boss, not have to answer to anybody. I think we all probably would, if we knew we could replace our working hard every day for someone else income with blogging. Don’t cha think? I certainly would, in a heartbeat my friends. My best guess is, you most likely would too if you knew for certain it would not jeopardize your lifestyle. No?

Anyway, as I read through her instructions I noticed she was explaining every move in a clear, understandable way. I am known for getting stuck on some technical thing (ID, Password, domain name,domain registration) and find myself alone, upset, frustrated and flat out disgusted…giving up because failure IS upsetting. Getting tech help has, for me, generally speaking turned into the worst of all possible night mares.

OK, still reading this? Here comes the best part of all…I honestly believe that Amy Bass, and her Make Money On The Internet Program won’t allow you to get stuck, lost, or looking at failure. See, she leaves no stone unturned, like so many of the other online business opportunities I have attempted. Also, she gives you the methods which work for her to re-invent yourself, have fun and blog, and make money … all at the same time.

Her catch phrase is : You’Already Do It All Why Not Get Paid To Blog About It

Whether it be ceramics, collecting china, doll items, garage sales, parenting, yoga … whatever it is you love my question is what is holding you back? Trust me, this will be painless with Amy Bass’ help.

I encourage you to give yourself, and your future happiness (and perhaps wealth) a chance. Give Amy Bass’s TheNicheBlogger make money at home, work online, online business blogging a chance. What have you got to lose?!?!

Thanks for reading this today. If you check out the link and see what I am saying comment here. I’d love to read your thoughts.

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