If I’d Been At Burning Man …

Burning Man Black Rock City Nevada

Burning Man Black Rock City Nevada

Today, Labor Day marks the Day After the finale at the Burning Man festival where the gigantic MAN is torched and tens of thousands of participants return from where they came. This year the Burning Man theme is The American Dream.  The different art exhibits, known as ‘theme camps’, which ideally are interactive will somehow associate with this changing annual theme. Also, the street names in this temporary city coincide by somehow following the theme of the year. The one week long festival was started in San Francisco in 1986 then moved to the stark, almost uninhabitable Black Rock Desert of Nevada in the year 1990. Burning Man celebrates art, creative expression, involvement with others, music, unity among human beings, and a long standing tradition of general fun.

It is said this festivity is not for the faint of heart, those who can not entertain themselves, have troubles getting along with others, or do not function in a crowd. From the Videos I have watched, and stories I have read about Burning Man it would be a good idea to do extensive research before throwing yourself into Burning Man so you can be prepared. If you are a litterbug do NOT go. You must be self-sufficient, environmentally contientious and bring what you need to survive for this week. In other words, be self sufficient.

This extravaganza is a more of a one of a kind experience to enrich yourself, leave your material world behind and take yourself to a new enlightenment. Have you ever really wanted to … let yourself go? But can not seem to do it all the way because the requirements of daily life are holding you back? Maybe Burning Man IS something you can do to find a new path.

Of course I have always wanted to attend this event, but over the years seem to have made more excuses … than Carter’s got pills. You know the usual, parenting, work calling, obligations … that sort of thing. So, this year once again as Labor Day Holiday returns and I study the 2008 Burning Man online.

This morning I sit in awe, watching video after video of folks there having fun. The couple who were married as they jumped out of a plane and para sailed down to their motor home at Burning Man just about made me cry. How awesome is that!

There was a Burning Man Video Post Card station which must have been set up in the main area. After watching several we came upon a fella whose video displayed him whining with grief. His depressing online vid clip went on as he cried about how sad he was that he was there and his other half was not and how he had been crying the entire time after he left. He grieved that he was missing his GF, or was it his Mom, (not sure). This was really a shame! Honest, how could this be possible? He was there, IN Burning Man and making himself miserable. *Sigh*

Well, from Bakersfield we imagine how the week would have gone … if we’d been at Burning Man 2008. Maybe next year we will make it to Burning Man 2009 where the theme is going to be Evolution.

More On Burning Man, an excerpt from JerSooz Ezine Blog:

JerSooz says … Burning Man the Yearly Cultural and Enviromental event in Black Rock City Nevada known as the Playa is now over with an attendence of approximately 49,499 attendee’s known as Burners this year made it the 7th largest city in Nevada for the Weeks event is a major Labor Day Event
We at JerSooz Enterprises want to continue the excitement by providing the above as can see in graphical presentation the website BurningMan-BlackRockCity.com for Burners who attended to get information for next years event with great articles videos tips and experiences of those from present and past … our website offers the high tech resources to getting information that can share with others … also this website is constantly changing unlike the Temporary City called Black Rock City Nevada that is known as BRC that appears and disappears yearly
We are also getting the word out and also to introduce those unaware of what Burning Man is the resources to view and experience the Cultural and Enviromental experience that has changed so many lives to a life changing experience regarding what some deem as a Radical immersing of Thoughts and Ideas that is the Community of Burners that attend the Burning Man Project
Let’s just say the Website the Links and Resources we provide in BurningMan-BlackRockCity.com it is not our intent to shock you the intent is to enlighten you to different alternatives to changing our Enviroment plus also make you aware of the Cultural Experience that draws People from all over the world to some this yearly trek is like a holistic adventure creating the synergy to make a change in their own personal well being as well as reach out to others and make changes in their communities and the world
This week long event starting the week before and ending on Labor Day in Black Rock City Nevada known as said the Playa is a Desert Setting to not only Test your Survival Skills Testing the Heat Enviroment Sand Storms let’s face the facts truely learn how to get along with the Community of Burning Man from all walks of life also to join Collective Minds in an Artform that not only opens your mind to Artwork also the expansion of your mind that through this Artwork we form the Joining of the Human Bond both for Brotherhood and Sisterhood that works collectively to change not only Close Mindedness also Alternative ways to change Our Planet in our search for alternative ways to conserve energy with alternative thought patterns and creative processes which the creative artists have created to expand the conscience experience that has no rivals as witnessed in the week of Burning Man
So we hope you will check out not only the Links above we hope you also will visit BurningMan-BlackRockCity.com website as we have said created to be a yearly source for getting information on Burning Man also as a Creative Alternative for information and resources to changing our lifestyles so as to be protectors of the enviroment … please Book Mark or add to your Favorites so as like the Burning Man Project you can find the enlightenment to make changes within yourself
JerSooz Enterprises
P.O.Box 9634 Bakersfield,Ca 93389
Skype Member jersooz.enterprises Skype 661-878-7760
PS Changing Our Enviroment with Collective Thoughts will obtain more success then Single Mindedness sometimes Radical Presentations also accomplish the Need for Expediant Action sitting back waiting for things to happen the changes needed will never happen

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