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Let’s Face the Facts!

  • Gas Prices are Not Going to Go Down! (We Hope they Will!)
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  • Technology and Enviromental Viable Alternatives are 5 to 10 Years off
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  • When and if Technologies change They Won’t Be Cheap!

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Amazing Milage Tips

What you will find when clicking either the Book or Link is how for in most parts of the USA for Less then a Gallon of Gas you can find Alternative Ways to Saving Gas Immediately Start Saving not only Money also Get More MPG (Miles Per Gallon)

Let’s Face another Fact! and we have to remind you this is Not a Scare Tactic it is Reality! Gas Prices have jumped dramaticly  just since the beginning of 2008 … World Economics and Demand for Oil and other Alternative Energy Sources makes this an important message to … If We Don’t Learn How to Slow Down and also Save Energy We Will as Already Proven in 2008 be in a Economic Crisis

So again Please Check out Amazing Milage Tips

Thanks Susan Allen Seattle Girl Makes Good

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Sturgis Rally Aug 4th to 10th Super Motorcycle Event

JerSooz says … Jer&Sooz and our own want to send out a Big Shout Out! to All the Great Motorcycle People Owners and Fans of Bikes especially Harley ones of the World plus remind you of the following

The Sturgis Rally <– link for info for 2008 in South Dakota is just about to begin August 4th through August 10th Sturgis is called to any Biker or Wanna be Biker as the Biggest Motorcycle Gathering in the World!

Sturgis is the Place to Be! the Place to be Seen! especially if a Custom Bike Builder or Manufacturer where all their 2008 Motorcycle Models or New Custom Designed Bikes Choppers Racers one of our own favorites Lowrider or Customized Bike can be shown judged or merely admired for their Creative Design

Let’s just say Motorcycles of any Description will be seen from Old to New! Plain Original or even with a Futuristic or even Space Age Design in all colors custom paints graphics and size

We Jer&Sooz of JerSooz Enterprises can bet also the People will blow your mind also in every Race Color and Creed from Mild to extremely Wild yeah a Voyeurs Dream for Eye Candy wrapped in Bikini Tie Dye Shirtless Extreme Logo T Shirts Leather and everything in between even some will boldly be in their Birthday Suits We caution some will even say Sturgis is not a place for the Weak Hearted

Sturgis is the place for Harley Davidson Bikers to Fly their Colors congregate with the Harley Pride least we forget on the American side also Indian Buell and celebrating their 10th Anniversary Victory Pride as well as others known Pride as the Rice Burner types Honda Kawasaki Star Suzuki Yamaha Pride then of course of the Italian Ducati German BMW British Triumph Pride!

Sturgis we will just say the Biker Brotherhood and Biker Sisterhood will be well represented as will the rights to brag about each motorcycle they represent also known as the mecca to represent your motorcycle affiliation a great place to also promote the out flowing of the generous contributions the Motorcycle Community promotes

You can bet Sturgis whether there in person Googling on Google Search or Yahoo Search searching viewing it on the News seeing pictures facebook or even video’s on youtube video myspace videos just to name a few

Sturgis is the place to Drive Tow or Truck in their Motorcycles and what an event to show off the products or the pride of personal ownership of being a Motorcycle Owner, and what a place for a Motorcycle Fan to meet greet and learn about being a Motorcycle lover with the Live to Ride Ride to Live creedo in life so we hope from JerSooz and also our we wish those going to Sturgis a Safe Trip may the wind be in your face may you keep your feet on the pedals may you stay between the lines and may not a Brother or Sister go down! and a Safe Trip with loads of Memories be the Patch You Wear!

So Please again Check out the Sturgis Rally August 4th through 10th and may you pass on our blog message to others

Thanks Jer&Sooz

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Local Comic Artist Tim Sale Featured in Seattle PI Article

Tim Sale pic Taken From The Seattle Post Intelligencer

Tim Sale pic Taken From The Seattle Post Intelligencer

I was browsing the Seattle Post Intelligencer the other day when a familiar name and face appeared in front of my eyes.

It was an article about my neighbor and BFF in the 7th and 8th grade’s big brother Tim Sale.

Waves of memories from the past filled my mind, but mainly the ones of a more carefree time when his little sister, Margaret & I would ride our bikes all over town and simply pass the time of day doing not much of anything.

It was always fun visiting her home because the Mom was very involved inN.O.W. and womens issues, and her Dad was enthusiastic about the book he was writing (Seattle Past To Present, By Roger Sale).

The brother, Tim, an artist, furiously and continually drew incredible comic designs up in his room hour after hour.

At first I thought he was copying Conan The Barbarian Comic’s but later on, after looking at a lot of his work realized he was truly talented beyond any comic artist I had seen before.

Tim was a moderately quiet person to be around and well liked among the neighborhood kids. He didn’t know it but a lot of the girls had big crushes on him. This is a fact, I know it to be true because my sister who is a bit older than Tim had all the inside privy.

Perhaps that was part of his charm knowing that a ton of girls thought he was the cat’s meow … and he had no clue.

I would If I had been in Seattle I would have jumped at the opportunity to go to his book signing at the Pike Place Market.

Congratulations to you Tim for all of your success!

After Holiday Blogging Help Get More Readers

Are You Suffering From PBT (pathetic blog traffic)?

Are You Suffering From PBT (pathetic blog traffic)?

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I can relate! This is very common among folks who use the internet for charity, new and seasoned online marketers alike and I want to help bring a halt to it!

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