Start A New 4th of July Tradition

Happy Independence Day! Our Flag

Start A New 4th of July Tradition For Good Times

Soon the Fourth of July Holiday will be here. Most of us are planning to have a day off work and do something to celebrate. ‘Stay vacations’, where we’ve decided not to fill up the gas tanks and hit the road for far away places are becoming more popular for good reason- THE PRICE OF FUEL IS TOO HIGH!

How about remembering, as a child what your favorite Fourth of July was like…remember which years you wish you could do over and over. I recall several, where we, as a family went to Green Lake, spread out our flannel sleeping bags and laid on the grass to watch the fireworks show. The lake reflected the brilliant colors exploding into the air and even if it was gray outdoors nobody cared. Some of us walked the path around the lake and overall a good time was had by all. I re-enacted this experience for years until the fireworks at Green Lake were discontinued. Good times…good times.

After Green Lakes fireworks discontinued I tried locating a replacement 4th of July tradition by attending Ivar’s downtown several years, then the Magnuson Park, then finally settled on the new tradition, Gasworks Park 4th of July. Since I lived in Fremont for many years this was within bike riding distance which made it all the more of an expedition. (safety note~ maintain your bicycle safety for night time riding with helmets, ample lights and reflectors)

Luckily, if you live in the city of Seattle your new stay vacation tradition can include optional modes of transportation. How about it … heck! You’ve got all day! If you’ve never taken the city bus, or don’t have a clue how to do this why not check it out. You might be amazed at how easy it really is!

Walking, biking it or riding the bus to a local fireworks show might be more fun than you expect. There are many shows around town to be enjoyed…pick one!

Explore your town and find a new place to go see the fireworks after your Bar B Que, party or gathering. Once you have found it, and especially if it’s approved by the kids your new tradition is set. Before you know it you’ll be anticipating the Fourth of July Holiday again and again.

Do you want to add some alternative spice to your Fourth of July? Consider taking the monorail, just for fun, and if you want to get really extravagant…how about going on a dinner cruise? We found a Fourth of July dinner cruise which claims to be the “best view of the fireworks”…click here. Kids under 5 ride free!

It’s only my opinion but I believe fireworks are at their best when viewed from the water.

So, just my two bits, start a new tradition this year and make life more fun for yourself, and everyone else. You’ll be glad that you did this!

Sooz, SeattleGirlMakesGood


Time For The Seattle Street Fairs

Dee Dee Rainbow at Fremont Solstice Parade

My Favorite Seattle Artist/Street Fair Personality

Deedee Rainbow

As the cooler weather continues plans for summer street fairs continue in Seattle full speed ahead. In my view the street fairs, free concerts in the parks, and of course the incredible musical and artistic talents (the people) made growing up and living in Seattle the fantastic experience that it was.

Originally, I attended the University Street Fair way back in the very late 1960’s. What a wild group of artists, vendors and street acts for a 7th, and 8th grader to mingle with! Even then, I recall my 7th and 8th grade art/ceramics teacher, then known as Deedee Raible was blessing the crowds with her stunning vibrant dress, multi colored afro, and vibrant personality.

Not only did she treat me like a human being in Middle School, when I felt like an alien, but over the years as my Landlady, and an ordained Minister, Deedee continues to amaze and inspire love all around her…just for being herself.

Coming up is my all time favorite street fair usually on the Summer Solstice, The Fremont Street Fair. I loved this fair above all due to the fact that I lived in not one, but 2 different homes near the Fremont Street Fair. The first, on 39th & Dayton Avenue was close enough to walk to the fair, had a view of Mt St Helens, but none of the downtown Fremont area.

Every year we threw a party for the fairgooers at this house. It was perfect because we could mingle at the fair and make the invites as we went, on the fly at the fair. Friends would get the chance walk up to our home with a pretty decent sized yard, eat Bar B Que, and refresh themselves after going to the fair. The walk back to the fair or their car…or the city bus would take only a few minutes.

The second residence, right on 36th and Linden Avenue next door to the Fremont Baptist Church had a birds eye view of the Fremont Bridge, and the fair.

This was before tall buildings were approved along the canal and before apartment buildings were built along 35th. When you can see the Waiting For The Interurban Statue, and walk to the Fremont Street Fair from home in 3 minutes life IS good!

My next favorite “fair” would have to be the SeaFair Hydroplane Race on Lake Washington. For myself and close family & friends it was a not-so-secret, but exclusive group that met at a friend who, when he passed away made sure to include in his will that this party be held at the home every year at the north turn of the hydros.

Now, I can not mention any names here. But I CAN say if you don’t mind loud screaming hydroplanes, tons of boats, mild weather and traffic snarls this is a great way to see Seattle, and it’s people. Go take in the HydroPlane Races! If you own a boat make sure you have a lot of food & water, your first aid kit, enough fuel and of course there are laws about life preservers.

The massive amount of boaters on the “log boom” may make it difficult to get a front row seat but you don’t necessarily need that. A good set of binoculars a sense of humor and a lot of patience is all you need.

The finale of the hydroplane races of course, not to be overlooked is the show the Blue Angels puts on over the 20+ mile long Lake Washington. They come screaming overhead from the Mt Baker side at short lasting levels of deafening introduction over your heads at incredible speeds… and before you know it they have impressed and stunned you as you find yourself looking upward to the sky, mouth dropped open with amazement.

Go ahead Seattle, get on down to the Fremont Street Fair! Visit the Website Here.

Don’t forget the August 30th through September 1st Bumbershoot Festival at the Seattle Center! Click Here to visit the website for more information.

Have Fun This Summer Seattle! Love SeattleGirlMakesGood.

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