Are Developers In Seattle Keeping Up With The Times?

Seattle Times. A pair of developments hems in a stand of trees containing Anderson Creek, which feeds directly into Sinclair Inlet near Port Orchard. Developments like this endanger Puget Sound by paving over ground that absorbs rainwater and by pouring pollutants into the runoff.

Pic’ From The Seattle Times

The big question in Seattle today is, Are we failing our Puget Sound with the development?

This is a pretty good question, especially in an area which is surrounded by rivers, mountains a 20+ mile lake (Lake Washington) and has an inland waterway of 50 miles or so from the Pacific Ocean. Seattle and the surrounding areas have been “booming” with new construction since the late 1980’s.

Highways have been expanded, bridges have been retro-fitted for earthquakes and new sewage treatment plants built. The Urban Development continues 60 miles to the north of the Seattle Area and continues to grow east north and southward.

But the standing questions are…, is enough being done to retain the beauty of this area? Is the Puget Sound being protected? My pet peeve is how about that traffic problem? Another would be is Seattle going to end up completely unafordable like, say San Francisco?

To me that would be a disaster!

Do you have an opinion?

Go ahead, you be the judge! Click here to read article and leave your comments.


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